Fabulous Homemade Cookies
Fabulous Homemade Cookies


My dad had an appointment at Magee Hospital today and what a pleasant surprise your baked goods were there. I had a hard time deciding everything looked delicious. My husband and I are enjoying your chocolate cupcakes right now with a cup of coffee. They are fabulous! Can't wait to visit your store. Oh I almost forgot to mention the presentation of your baked goods is wonderful.

“The oatmeal raisin cookies that just came out of the oven are the best bought cookies I have ever tasted.... I try to stop in at least once a week on my way to work, and I am never disappointed !!!”

Stopped At Fabulous Homemade Cookies Today was Very good they were out of Alot of thing's but the Owner said they were very busy for there Grand Opening Saturday So im gonna stop back later in the week Definatley worth a try.

~Woleslagle Moehring&Jamie Shaner

I guess you could say they are fabulous. And homemade!

In all seriousness I just purchased several cookies including a 3-pack of raisin-filled cookies. I have been so disappointed in every raisin-filled cookie I’ve purchased since the ones made by the amish in Belleville, PA. However yours topped even theirs! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful cookie.

And while I appreciate the low prices you charge, I will say that I think you could charge more. I would have been willing to pay at least $9 for that 3-pack.

Thanks again!

~Adam Wilson